Olgita Morales – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


This is olga “olgita” morales. She has been sleeping with my friends husband since she was 14. She would lie and say she wasnt, even tho his whole family knew. She was told many times to leave him alone, and even got her hoe butt boyotch slapped when his wife came home one day while 8 months pregnant and they were”talking”. FaSt forward 4 years and now this hoe has purposely gotten pregnant by my friends husband. She says she’s not going to keep it. Yet desperate hoe will do desperate hoe things. The funny thing, she knows that my friend and her husband were talking about getting back together. 9 years of chasing, and now she gets pregnant? People look out for this loose hoe. Women, keep your husband’s away from her. She likes to hoe it up at places that play mainly Latino music.

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