On-Site Renter Relations Review


I was sent to this company to make an addition to my rental score. They did not respond to any phone calls. I tried for 5 days.I did a chat..to be told,they no longer accepted faxes. I was also told to call… knowing I had tried for 5 days.The leasing agent said they will not accept any changes from them. They did not know they no longer accepted faxes.Their recording states that they will only deal with the owner of the report, but they make sure you can not reach them.In the future I will first ask management if they use them…and find another rental if they do.It is a waste of your time. It will take some time before these apartment complexes realize their losses..How they start is how they finish.Probably not a good complex.


  • Name: On-Site Renter Relations
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Campbell
  • Address: 307 Orchard City Drive, Suite 110
  • Phone: (866) 266-7483
  • Website: www.on-site.com/renter-relations/

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