On Target Border Collies – Lisa Kronz San Diego California


Complaint: Lisa Kronz is unethical, unkind, and a horder; keeping close of 50 dogs in her home without a kennel license, most of them crated over 20 hours a day. Not only does she lie about the health and training of her dogs, she forges vet records to match her imagination. She lied to me about the vaccines given to my dog, forged a vet health certificate, and then turned out my dog had NO vaccinations. None. She has a known history of ripping people off, and taking advantage of anyone she can. She is abusive, and the puppy I recieved was cowering and afraid of being touched. With a lot of work, we were able to make progress, but this is not the puppy I paid for. She has been preying on the sport dog community for years, and will keep running her puppy mill unless people stop buying puppies from her. Because yes, she is a puppy mill. Plain and simple.

Tags: Dog Abuse, Dog Breeders, Dog Brokering, Dogs

Address: 4801 South Elizabeth St Pahrump, Nevada United States

Website: www.ontargetbcs.com/

Phone: 214-642-4312

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