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1/24/2011 Re: Ashley Mitton – One source talent, 2000 Spring Rd. #520 Oakbrook IL 60523 My son and I were lured into coming all the way down to Oakbrook from Cary IL by a slick talking telemarketer from One Source Talent. I asked them if they were trying to get my son into a self-improvement or modeling class, they said no. I asked if they were going to set him up for acting/modeling interviews for jobs, they said yes. I asked if they would be paid or not, they said yes paid. I asked if they were looking for money from us, they said no. ALL LIES!They are not in the business of finding pay for you! Only taking it from you! After having my son and I take our entire evening off driving down there just to wait in line like a herd of cattle to have our name finally next called out at 8:30 pm, after I told her he had to be in school in the morning. The interviewer Ashley Milton probably a decoy name, asked my son some basic questions to atempt to lend herself credibility in perpetrating a real agent. Then after had the gall to request us both come down again tomorrow during school hours 1-5 for a second meeting with some of our photos of him. I am assuming so she could discredit the photos and hit us up for the real deal which is a photography composite right there in the back room to the tune ofOnly $300-$500 Cash or credit. But they are just like the cheap looking ones on the wall, the ones from the suckers that she claimed actually went out and got a local job for themselves. The bottom line is theyre not paying you period! and if your paying them they just RIPPED YOU OFF SUCKER! And thats exactly what they tried to do to all 25 of us in the room that night. I assume they do this every night, maybe all day long. What really pissed me off is the waste of my time and gas they took from me and tried to do it again the very next day! Not to mention a hard break for my very attractive and talented 12 year old.

2000 Spring Rd. Oakbrook, Illinois United States of America


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