One Stop Auto Credit Scranton Pennsylvania


Complaint: Me and my wife have had some credit prolems in the past so our credit is not perfict. We needed a car but getting a loan for one was just out of the question. We saw an ad for One Stop Auto Credit and decided to check it out. We walked in and a sales person took us to immediatly to the lot. He asked what we could afford and proceded to show us some cars. Most of them were older models but the sales person stated they have all been checked and there in great running condition. I saw the sign and it said sold as is no warrenty. I asked the sales person and he quickly responded we do have a warranty and if anything goes wrong with the car just bring it down and we will take care of it. So we were sold we bought this used lemon. Well things really started to go wrong after the first two weeks. The car was sputtering and stopping so we called One Stop “Bring it down they said no problem will fix it. We brought it down and it was brought to Tom Hesser a dealership that is one and the same with One Stop. They fixed the car and gave us the car back. now 3 weeks go by and another problem develops water starts pouring out of the engine we called “”Bring it down he said”” We did

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Address: it was fixed and brought to the same dealership

Website: 948 N Washington Ave Scranton, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Phone: sounds awsome so far right. Well 3 months later oil was pouring from the motor 4 quarts every three days we called “”Bring it down”” They fixed it. So a few months later the car dies again this time it was something with the electical system I call and had to fight with them to fix it why because all the times it looked like they were fixing it on ther own without charging us they were tacking on all the charges from Tom Hesser and adding interest. We found that out on this call. This was not to our knowledge all we did was sign the paper work at Tom Hesser never once did they mention it would be billed to our account. Now the loan was suposed to be for 2 years Im still paying 4 years later and let me tell you I pay when I can I could care less about them. I still owe over 3000 dollars on this car my credit is runined because of them. They never once stated that this was being billed to us. As for the car it ran for a month or two after and is sititng in my gargage with the same water problem and oil problem it had when this all started. Now they send notes when im late telling me the reason I came to them was for them to help me and I should pay on time. In no way do I feel guilty about them they sold me crap and knew it. I’m over 8000 in the hole so far for this car and it’s sitting in my garage collecting dust and I can’t get rid of it because I still owe. My advice is to walk right past One Stop and keep walking. They’re liars and cheats and know how to screw everyone coming in that place. Mark Scranton

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