Oneda Custer – Basye, Virginia Virginia


This is a special kind of worthless low life whore. Not only is she married to a man that wants to see her so miserable he refuses to divorce but she has been in a long term relationship for 8 years. This skank pursued my husband knowing he was married and had six children. Twice a year she leaves her boyfriend and pursues a relationship with another man for some kind of selfish benefit usually money or drugs all while keeping her claws sunk into the man she left.. usually cheats on the men she is with, with him or others. She has three children that she doesn’t even raise and could care less about involving other peoples kids in her twisted games. It take a really worthless whore to tell someone’s wife you don’t care about her or the family she’s begging you to leave alone cause she’s gonna do it anyway.. after three months the cheating husband finally sided up and kicked her to the curb in hopes to save our marriage.. word of advice to all you home wreckers the wife always wins.

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