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I recently booked airline tickets with The price went down the next day so I sent two emails requesting a refund of the difference and noting the fact that I was on hold when I tried to call them for 20 minutes, twice, and never got an answer, just the loop recording. I subsequently sent a third email. nI tried for several days at different hours of the day to reach them. Finally, today, I was able to get a hold of someone at Customer Service. All she could tell me was to call the airline to try and get a refund. I explained that that was a waste of time as I bought the tickets through them and the airline would do nothing for me. She refuted that and just kept telling me to call the airline. Why would the airline do anything for me if I bought the tickets through OneTravel? The airlines are going to say I didn’t buy the tickets directly so they are not willing to help me. The woman did not respond. nI also asked why I had never received a response to my emails. According to her, they were never received, even though I used the link on their website. I also asked where the link to “on line chat”” was

which was part of the loop recording

as I could not locate it on their webpage. She ignored the question. nI asked for her supervisor

was put on hold and then hung up on after waiting 20 minutes! I never did get to speak with anyone. nI called the airline and received the answer I had anticipated. nI will never do business with OneTravel again. I will post this message where ever I can to keep others from falling into the same abyss that I did

especially in these economic times.”

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