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I was referred to the shop by a friend. I wanted to take a course to get my permit. I went in and spoke to Ralph. I signed up for mthe class and Ralph suggested that I look at some guns. I ended up buying a Beretta 9MM PX4. I was told the gun was on sales at a reduced rate, so I bought it for $445.00. I paid for the gun in full, but could not take the gun out until I recieved my weapens permit. I was told that I had a problem, and could not get a permit. I have appealed the decision, and probably will win. I had asked the shop to refund my money being that I never took the gun out of the store. They told me that I was going to lose 50% of what I paid because there was a restoking fee. How is that posible if I never took the gun oiut of the store. The owner seamed like he didn’t care about my situation. Be careful with this shop, they don’t really care about the customer, but only care about screwing customers.

750 E. Sample Rd. Bldg. 1, Bay 6 Pompano Beach, Florida United States


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