ORBITZ Cedar Rapids Iowa Review


I scheduled a trip through Orbitz online. I’ve had many successful experiences w/ Orbitz in the past; however, not this time. In scheduling my flight, I found a good fare, but could not find the add a car button. I booked the flight: $451.20. When I called customer service, reaching a representative in San Salvador, I learned that there was no way to add a car to the flight. What I should have done was book a package. Either I had forgotten the protocol, or the format had changed. There was no add a car option for my ticket. Had I booked a package, the total cost for flight and car would be $522.00 I was transferred to a sales representative in the Phillipines, who informed me that the cost to add a car would be an additional $367.00 for a total of $818.20 for my trip — a penalty of $296.20 for seeking the add a car button, not realizing I should have started w/ a package. I may be, unhappily, hitch-hiking.

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