Orbitz Fort Greely Alaska Review


On January 29th, 2013 i looked in to booking a vacation trough Orbitz. I finally found a flight/hotel package to my likings and budget, entered all the information needed (including passenger names, DOB and sex) and finally the CC information. After clicking ‘send’ i got this message: n”We are unable to complete your transaction. Please re-enter your information or choose a different ncard. If you are still experiencing difficulty

please call Orbitz Customer Service.””n(BTW

Same thing happened with Expedia yesterday) So i check my Bank Account and find this:nCHKCARDALASKA AIRCHICAGO MNUS $2

574.90nCHKCARDORBITZ.COM888 65646 ILUS $2.00nI call my Bank and they suggest that my limit is not enough for the booking to go through. I then increased the limit to 5K and call Orbitz back to explain of what had happened. The customer representative was nice and was trying to help. We got all the information back in to set up the package again and it failed to go trough again -by then i was in tears-. She mentioned that the Orbitz system is updating at the moment and thats why it did not work. I also have to mention that my flight was supposed to leave the next morning at 8.50 am. She then tried to book the flight and hotel separate starting booking the flight -did not work. I mentioned to her that my bank limit is 5K and Orbitz charged my account already for $2576.90. However she proceeded to book the hotel and set up the reservation for tomorrow -01/30/13- Charges to my account where made of $2118.11 right away. She was unable to book the flight and she was unable to connect me with a supervisor even after several attempts. The customer support lady asked me to call my Bank again to have them take the $2576.90 charges from Orbitz off. After calling my bank again and explaining the situation

the Bank rep was unable to help but suggested to try charging the flight in 4 hours to my account since the other charges ($2576.90) should just fall off after 12.00am and it also will restart the limit of 5K. The Orbitz lady seemed mad at my Bank for not helping me and tried again to contact a supervisor

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