ORBITZ Riverside California Review


july 14th-15th 2010: While traveling on a multi destination itinerary I called orbitz to extend the last segment of my flight with carrier United. I was told that there was an airline fee of $150 to rebook and a $30 orbitz fee. In addition to the $180 in fees and that there might be a fare increase. I checked orbitz website and found a united fare to and from the same destinations for $306 but when the agent checked the fare increase he informed me that it was over $1000 dollars. I asked the agent why this was and he had a very hard time explaining this to me. He either didn’t seem like he really understood it himself or being that Orbitz outsources our jobs to the Philippines it was lost in translation. Regardless i told the agent that this was too much and inquired about details of cancelling and rebooking my flight with the credit. That way I could just book the flight I found on the orbitz website. The agent told me that this would be the best way. So we went ahead to cancel my flight and we got disconnected before i was given my credit ID number. I called back to find that the cancelation was completed but then when i went to try and rebook with the credit i was informed of issues that had not be explained by the first agent. Somehow my United Airlines ticket was owned by US Airways therefor orbitz would have to get US airways to book my new united ticket??? Does this make any sense??? The united ticket on Orbitz.com was 300 bucks and US airways was gonna charge me over $1000. Why was i mislead to believe that i could use my credit to book the united flight on the website and then after i was told i couldn’t. I have never had this issue before with expedia or any other travel agent. Credit??? why not just call it a rain check with massive restrictions and fees that we don’t inform you of until after you cancel. Throughout the entire process i had informed the philipine agents that i was having difficulty understanding them. I asked to be transfered to an american agent and was told that it was not possible. Not possible? 2 days before my departure and someone in the philippines canceled my ticket based on miss information and has no authority to fix the issue nor can transfer me to someone that can?? Their only remedy. Email [email protected]. Are you serious? I am in Hawaii on vacation and they want me to correspond with Orbitz Customer service by email when i leave in 2 days and have no flight due to there lack of customer support? WOW!! I have now spent a whole day of my vacation talking to the philippines and spending money on airtime. What kind of show are they running here? Furthermore, I emailed july 14th and on july 15th received a response from Peter Emanuel, Orbitz Email Service Team, that the issue was being investigated. Due to the time sensitivity of my issue i called orbitz again and spoke with James (managerID 108077) and after jumping through the same hoops he told me that he could not do anything for me and directed me back to [email protected]. At that point I retuned an email to Peter Emanuel explaining that due to the urgency of the situation and to protect my self from further costs it is necessary that i rebook myself a flight home. Needless to say I will be filing a small claim against Orbitz. The agents i spoke with are: Unidentified, Coleen (empID MHI) and Harold (037648), James (managerID 108077)

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