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I booked a trip for a wedding on the Orbitz web site intending to arrive at the city of a family members wedding on a Thursday, with a return trip to my home city the following Tuesday. After feeling good and confident about my reservation, I closed down my lap top and headed to work. When I checked my email the next day I was shocked to see that they showed me booked to fly out on the correct day ( Thursday), but they had me returning the very next day, which just happens to be the day of the wedding. I also wanted to rent a car, which they also show as a one day rental. When calling to say that just maybe their web site was screwed up, I got nothing but excuses as to why it was my fault. GEEZ ! : < As it turns out, to change the reservation I had to pay an additonal $200 ( which I really can’t afford). They had no sympathy, even after letting them know I was recently laid off. NEVER again!

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