Organic Green Patient Collective & Premium Clones Review


The delivery guy was on time, that was about all you had correct on my order 4 months ago… your plants totally trashed my existing garden by adding your black diamond og strain into the mix. | first they were brown rooted because the root aphids inside and around the cubes were constantly attacking the clones. all my other plants were clean, for the first 30 days, then i couldnt hold them off from my other plants. but they originated from your black diamond og. you guys need to quarantine your sh.. and start over sorry to say. at the level you claim to be at, or at least what it looks like based on your page here, wow this was a major disappointment. | next was the strains, they were def wrong and i got a whole buttload extra strains i did not order. it was clearly supposed to be 100 BD og, 313 gelato, and 287 lemon cake and was maybe 15 different strains none of them were anywhere close to correct and like i said weak tops everywhere, and a total #clusterfk wow again. | So having tops finishing all over the place burning out the harvest i was dreaming of, I called your boy AJ and spit at him for a min livid about this whole bit. He spit profanity back at me like something was my fault. I was so offended that I sent your samples for testing at steephill. Yes, believe it MF i got you now! SO HERES THE REAL DEALBREAKER FOR ME – none of these products, including your snickerdoodle, are “organic”!! completely a waste of money and false advertising guys. my final product will not pass testing.. | I am a cancer survivor and have a massive group of friends up north dealing with this fire right now. I gotta say, i seriously disapprove. get burned bud.


  • Name: Organic Green Patient Collective & Premium Clones
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Cerritos
  • Address:
  • Phone: (310) 928-5731
  • Website:

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