Orlando Brick Pizza Levittown Pennsylvania


Complaint: Ordered pizza from a flyer under our hotel door at pacific royal hotel. was open late so we ordered pizza,wings and calamari. lady said 1 hour to 1 hour 10 minutes. hour and half goes by I call them, they state driver left already and he will call you. After 2 hours I get a call from the driver saying he will be in the parking lot for me to get my food in about 5 minutes. I have never heard such a thing you meet a driver in parking lot for your own food. I get back to my room, food is ice cold, pizza was burnt,I got shrimp instead of calamari.french fries looked like a pile of grease. Chicken wings looked like it was dumped in a bucket of juice. I called and asked for the manager, there is no manager here. I said who is running the place, lady says no one. so she takes my name and number for a manager to call me back next day. then she says the manager is out delivering becuase we are busy. Next day comes no call, I call around 3pm ask for manager. Oh no manager wont be in till later. So was busy on Monday day here couldn’t call them, nor no one called me., but just called again at 11pm she says no manager here, might be in tomorrow. I’m like you have to be kidding me. I want a full refund from these people, Never had service like this in my life. Never had been so disgusted with an establishment like this. no apology,no discount,no call back nothing. I paid 66 dollars for the worst food ever.

Tags: Pizza & Take Out

Address: 5479 west irco bronson memorial highway Kissimmee , Florida USA


Phone: 407-219-9299

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