Outdoor Personia Review


If you work hard for your money, don’t spend it here. You will- I repeat- YOU WILL BE SORRY. | They may be OK for small stuff, but we were spending mid-five figures. | Months behind schedule. | Apparently, only two people, Bob and Marcus run the place. Dealing with them requires a serious steretch of credibility and believe me they either are in over their heads, and don’t realize how screwed up they are, or they have no trouble obfiscating facts,denying whatcustomers are told – and if you expect return phone calls- you have chosen the wrong place to do business. If two people who each runs the business provide conflicting information ( delivery schedules, what’s included,) I would conclude one is lying. Once or twice- we overlooked it. But it was a constant. | We cancelled. Had to threaten legal action to get our four figure deposit back. Now have to take them to court because they spitefully and arbitrarily withheld 30%. That is after four months and not one iota of the project had begun. Nothing.


  • Name: Outdoor Personia
  • Country: United States
  • State: Massachusetts
  • City: Bellingham
  • Address: 1048 S Main St
  • Phone: 508-883-4043
  • Website: outdoorpersonia.com/

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