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Complaint: I had a free listing with Owners.com. After the Owners.com listing expired, Owners.com took over my Zillow listing. Because they had hijacked my Zillow listing I no longer could edit it. I found out that they were taking my emails from Zillow, and refused to forward the information on to me unless I paid to upgrade my owners.com listing to a paid listing! Now I have missed several calls from potential buyers because of Owners.com took over my Zillow listing. I have emailed Zillow about the problem. I also deleted the listing from owners.com and filed a complaint with them. I am very concerned that a company would do such an unethical thing. My Zillow account was established and I had gotten several calls on my home until Owners.com took it over. Not one of my calls for my home originated from the Owners.com free listing. I never gave permission for Owners.com to take over/ edit my Zillow account, and it was not listed under the things that would happen with a free listing. When Owners.com took over my Zillow listing they also sent over old information on my home’s price. I had raised the price on my home and Owners.com changed it back to the original price when they took it over. I was unable to go in to my Zillow account and edit the price to the correct one. The free listing on Owners.com is a scam whereby they take over your other on-line listings and then will not give you your buyer’s information unless you pay Owners.com a fee.

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Address: Internet United States of America

Website: www.owners.com/

Phone: 800-475-7738

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