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Complaint: buyer beware. OXYCONTINFORUM.COM is a SCAM. [email protected] is a CROOK. Please do not make the same mistake as thousands of others who are out there surfing the web trying to find a way to get the narcotic prescription drug OXYCONTIN. There is a website called WWW.OXYCONTINFORUM.com where they try to get you to think that it is a legitimate place to buy oxycontin and other pharmaceutical drugs online from so called “VERIFIED SELLERS”” who supposedly have put up earnest money to cover any transactions if anything happens. First

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Address: this is illegal. Second

Website: his girlfriend Heather ([email protected] or they will call you from (250)532-3640)or anyone else on that site IT IS A SCAM!!!! It may look legit with all the so called “”RULES and PROCEDURES for the Forum”” but as soon as they get your money off those cards they will block your IP address and there is nothing you can do. OXYCONTINFORUM.COM IS A SCAM and JORDAN ([email protected])

Phone: they are going to do everything in their power to make you think that they are going to send you whatever drugs you are trying to get as soon as you load money (they will only take orders for oxycontin from $850 and up) on to a MoneyPak card

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