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Complaint: Pablo Garrara works at WSR Creative in Culver City Los Angeles California. I have watched Pablo Garrara for over 6 years and I have observed him abuse childen like Jonas Gibbons by giving him hard alcohol and beer when he was underage at WSR Creative events in Venice Los Angeles. Jonas now has problems understanding his sexuality as seen on his Facebook posts and becomes very emotional when drinking at such an early age. Pablo pretends to be friends with people but is really just using them in any way he can until he is easily manipulated by others and then he will stop communication and say not to speak to them. He is a “fake friend”” and a local ripoff. Even when there are court orders

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Address: he will not help parents recover their kids and will assist in keeping them hidden. I have reported this to other agencies but they still continue each day.Pablo Garrara – Purveyor Of ProductionPablo is obviously not from the area and he even gives kids drugs and drinks in front of people like Abby Wills (calls her gang Shanti Generation) who claims to help youth but is really just selling low quality DVDs for personal profit on sites like Amazon. Abby also receives illegal benifits from Pablo’s company. I have witnessed this first hand along with many others who will also be reporting on this shortly. Pablo will attend any event where drinks are served with he co-workers like Jose Delgado. Jose is the biological father of Jonas Gibbons but Jose left Jonas many years ago in Vegas in a abusive environment with his grandmother to “”start a new life”” with his alienating wife and child abuser Laurie Degado (a.k.a. Crassweller). Jose also helped to abduct my own child and still helps alienate her from me today. Pablo has witnessed Laurie and her family allow her own son Skylor to consume enough drugs that she had to take him to the emergency room on Halloween for a drug overdose when he was around seven years old. I am witness to this first hand and I have others who also verify this information.Pablo Garrara’s Drug Related ActivitesPablo Garrara also attends drug related activies with the children like “”Burning Man”” and other RV events where hallucinogens like mescaline are used and bragged about by many. This is very harmful to children because they do not understand what is happening and they do not have the support they need in an unsafe environment. Pablo has helped to hide children from their biological fathers and will continue to be reported for the hurtful things he has done. He suggests that others use drugs and alcohol around kids and helps to abduct children into his abusive environment. If you try to speak with him about this he will say he has no “”feedback”” and will end stop his communication right away. Obviously I do not want my child around him but he does not care and continues to take advantage of any situation he can.WSR Creative’s Pablo Garrara of Los AngelesPablo

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Phone: with his gang of abusive alienators

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