Page Auto Repair Review


Christopher Page, a true con and criminal. Seems nice when you first meet him, but don’t let that charm fool you as it already has fooled over a dozen hard working honest residence of San Antonio. He claims to be an automotive technician, a master of his art. Lies and deception carry him through the day and into the night. How he can deceive and hurt so many people and families and sleep at night is something to ponder about. Christopher Clay Page, or Page’s Auto Repair, has created quite the stir amongst individuals and businesses in San Antonio. His criminal rampage includes, purchasing vehicles from victims with bad phony checks on closed accounts, writing canceled checks to individuals for purchase of goods and services. He also continues his illegal check writing to businesses around San Antonio for parts and other merchandise. He moves and hops around town from one rental to another, hiding and deceiving his landlords. | He is a liar and a scam artist, praying on vulnerable individuals to ruin their lives and families. Not even a real automotive technician. His criminal spree started in Arizona, where he has an extensive criminal background, two different social security numbers, one of which was issued in the state of Florida in 2004. His checks include closed or canceled accounts from IBC, Frost Bank, and Bank of America. He cons people into investing money with him and promises returns and security. Instead he steals the money and uses it for personal gain. If you are one of many who has been hurt by this con artist. I urge you to come forward with your bad checks or any other criminal activity or deceptive trade practices and contact the District Attorney Supervisor at (210) 335-2403 immediately. Lets put a stop to his criminal enterprise, don’t let him ruin lives and families!


  • Name: Page Auto Repair
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: San Antonio
  • Address: 4845 Goldfield
  • Phone: 210-367-4667
  • Website:

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