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TicketGalaxy Lakewood Colorado Review


I thought I was on a legitimate website to purchase tickets for an event. The ticket prices were high, but I thought that was the going rate and thought I needed to get the tickets before they sold out. Two weeks later, my friend bought tickets for the same event on the same night for half the price using a different website. I received my tickets in the mail, and the ticket price was $26, I paid...

The Brinkmann Corporation Tampa Florida Review


Called customer service on March 11, 2011 and talked to a rep by the name of Taylor Wolfe. He told me to email a summary and photos. Here is a copy of that emailn____________ nserial # TBC-3810S-024119-0909NnPurchased approx. 9 months ago at the Home Depo, Sun City Center, Fl.nLit a natural lump charcoal fire; came back to put on food and found that nthe paint on the back and side of the grill...

AMPM Diet Ada Oklahoma Review


AMPM diet company is not equal to all customers, their product does not work, and they charged me for something I didn’t order and they aren’t crediting my account for what they charged me. nAmandanAda, OklahomaU.S.A. Nationwide U.S.A.
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Culvers San Antonio Texas


Complaint: I was employed by Culvers when they first opened here in September. I applied for full time and was hired for full time, they had told me that at first i would only be getting about 20-30 hours because of all the employees that they had and then after about a month or so I would get my full-time hours. I was about 6 months pregnant at the time and when they found this out, they started...

Priceline East Northport New York Review


I was all booked and scheduled through Priceline for a trip from Long Island, NY to Jacksonville, Florida to take care of an elderly aunts affairs. The trip was scheduled for Friday 11/2 through Monday 11/5.Hurrcaine Sandy hit the Northeast on Monday Oct 29th and created devastation up and down the Northeastern seaboard. Personnally I was without power for over 8 days, my business was closed for...

Ebay Pennsylvania Review


Have been a member of ebay for a quite some time close to 10 years never head a problem. Ive bought a lot of stuff and always have had smooth transactions. I had some major parts for my car I decided to sell one large package so I listed on ebay. First couple of listings NO problem got charged 50cent per listing so every 3 months was paying close $1.50 LOL. All good. I listed in auctions fixed... north arlingotn New Jersey Review


rent-electronics is a fake business. they claim they need your 25 application fee to process your claim, they don’t they just take your money with in five minutes of you filling it out and sending it in. they are a complete scam hope who ever reads this doesnt fall like i did. good luck
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I placed an order on the website for an electronic graphing calculator "TI84 PLUS CE Graphing Calculator"The company charged my credit with name *****************.The website contains an email to use for any questions: [email protected]I did not receive any confirmation about my order.So I tried to email them asking about my order. I have sent and email at least 3 time to...

Okuma Tea Aka/WU-LONG PREMIUM TEA Brooksville, Fl Florida Review


I ordered a case of the tea product in the loose bags, buy 2 get 2 free $80.00 and experienced a negative reaction to the product, I emailed the company and they assured me the bagged tea would solve my problem. I ordered an additional case so that I would have the product while this was returned for the bagged tea. Another $80.00 nI experienced a very bad reaction again and am allergic to...

Julie Perez


Woman Cheats on Man While He Is Burying Father & 2 CousinsA woman cheats on man while he is burying his father & two young cousins. Julie Perea Perez (32) of Aurora, Co. was cheating with co-worker and has left 9 year relationship with Ian Micciulli (40). Julie & Ian met in 2004 working together they fell in love. Julie was a divorced mother of a 3 year old girl and 11 month old...