Paige Ann Cambell – Chicago, Illinois Illinois


So after this woman Paige Ann Cambell started at my husband’s jobs he started acting off. The way he dressed, coming home late, refusing lunch dates with me. She’s steadily been snaking her way to the top. She shares an office with one of the main bosses bit suddenly she’s not wanted there. So instead of cementing her position based on her merits and experience she instead gets the person in her new position fired. Then moves her office into the same building as my husbands. He’s pretty high up in the chain and I called it. I knew she would be gunning for him too. So after my husband walks in empty handed on Valentine’s day, almost an hour late, he finally tells me I was right and he is [email protected]&ing her. Then takes it back and says he said it out of anger. Well my gut is telling me different. So I ask her directly. Not mean, just a simple is there anything going on with you and him. After confirming my suspicions she runs to BE and cries harassment and claims she never answered me. So she’s woman enough to sleep with a married man, but when confronted about it, she gets scared and drops him because he can no longer further her career. They deserve each other. Paige, you’re the lowest of the low. I’ll tell my 2 kids and the one I’m due with in 13 days your career was worth destroying a family over. I hope you get everything you deserve.

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