Paige Lee Dirden – Ullin, Illinois Illinois


My signifant other and I had been together for 7 years and have two children together. Back in September he went to work for his father a state away and was home on the weekends. Little did I know that he was having an affair with this female Paige Lee Dirden. When I confronted both of them about the affair she said he didn’t have any children and then said,”Better yet, your children are now my children.” I also learned that she had given my significant other chlamydia and he in turn gave it to me. They are no longer together. It seems she has knowingly been spreading this around to several of her sexual partners. He missed his daughter’s birthday because he was too busy in bed with this woman. After his behavior and his false promises my 6 year old no longer believes her Dad. Sadly he was the first man to ever break her heart. On the upside I’m showing my kids what you’re supposed to do when you get knocked down. I’m going back to college and am working on building a better life for them. No longer will I set my dreams aside. I will pursue a life well lived. I hope one day my kids can look back and say that their mom was a strong woman. My significant other is back in the picture. He is going to counseling and because Paige has no earthly clue where he is at she has taken it upon herself to harass me and my chiIdren. I had my number changed and moved my children to a different school district because of this. This is all still fresh and I am still trying to figure out where exactly I need to go from here. He is just as much to blame and allowed her to do the things she did after I found out about the affair. I know forgiveness is a must but I don’t know whether I want to fix this or just move on.

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