Paige Poff – San Antonio, Texas Texas


In 2013, Paige Poff entered Our Lives. Seducing my husband online, during a difficult time in our marriage. We had been together for 13 years, Head live together for 8 and it been married for 5 years. Promising him a life of wealth and Leisure (she claimed she earned $100,000/year) he left me in May of 2013 and moved in with this whore. She had zero income, and would drive my husband in his car and drop him off at his job. Then she would drive around all day entertaining random men and lying about her whereabouts. Often forgetting to pick him up from work on time, always with some outlandish excuse why she was late. My husband would frequently catcher in lies. She would even steal his car frequently and drive it to San Antonio, just sleep with various men she was involved with there, leaving my husband with no vehicle to drive to work. He would plead with her to return with his car. She claimed she had no money to return. He would watch her hundreds of dollars, and she would promise to return. Sometimes a couple of weeks later sometimes a month or more. God knows what she spent the money on. Finally she got bored of my husband and left him in late 2014. In February of 2015, my husband and I reunited. I was very hopeful that this was a fresh start for us. However Weiland San Antonio this woman got involved in a criminal theft crime and with being arrested. She’d also being a fugitive 4 years, running from her 3rd DWI charge. She was incarcerated for a little over a year. It was heaven with her locked up. My husband and I reconnected like never before. Our relationship was stronger than ever we were closer than we’ve ever been. However it wasn’t long after she was released they should convince my husband to leave with her again. This lasted less than 90 days. All she wanted to do was to break us up, she did not want him. She left him in August of 2016. He promptly called out to me, asking me to please take him back. He said he hated Paige and never wanted to see her again. Things were great again… Until I made the mistake if sharing the joy of our reunion on social media. From then on her Pursuit has been Non-Stop. She would not leave us alone. Causing so much conflict that we had to once again separate, but still trying to figure this out. Even now as my husband and I spend quality time together trying to rebuild broken trust and faith, this woman simply will not let go. If you know this skank that lives in the San Antonio area, please tell her to find another victim, and stay the hell out of Houston and stay away from BRT forever. Let this family heal and rebuild.

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