Paige Shea Carlisles – Fort Lauderdale, Florida Florida


Paige Lashea Carlisles, known as Shea, is a flight attendant for Norwegian airlines, now. She started sleeping with one of the pilots she worked with Dean Bilawey from Aerodynamics, at the time. They had to leave Aerodynamics because of the affair. He is now working for NetJET. This pilot was married with a family. That didnít matter to her, it was just a game for attention. It didnít matter he was twice her age. To make it worse, she had just married her finance of two years. She hadnít been married for a month when she started her affair with Dean. Deanís wife found out about the affair and contacted Sheaís husband. Together they were able to put together the truth of their affair and they both left their unfaithful spouses. Once Deanís wife found out about the affair Shea started sending text messages taunting Deanís wife. Telling her how good she was sleeping with her husband. Deanís wife divorced him, but it is still a game to Shea. She continues to send messages to Deanís ex, making sure she knows she won and how bad she screwed up her life. Even a year later, she continues weekly sending hurtful comments about how she is enjoying how she wrecked her marriage and is spending their savings on Shea. At the same time she tries to lie to her family that she is not with Dean and never had an affair with, even though they are living together in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As she keeps Dean on a hook, she is getting with other men behind his back looking for a new family to destroy. She even has the nerve to try to contact her ex-husband and try to make him feel guilty for leaving her and to take her back. This is just an evil and manipulative woman that likes the suffering of others.

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