Painful. Not recommended.


I had more than I could handle on my birthday and the following day I felt awful from drinking too much wine.

My head was sore, couldnít eat anything and had to feel better for work and for myself.

I needed a fix and went to The Hydration Room for treatment.

The medical team at my side tried five times to see my veins on my arms to inject me and each time they tried it wasnít successful.

My arms were bruised and looked terrible from the blue colored pokes in the arm area.

Veins werenít visible to medical staff and they wouldnít stop poking at my arm.

A professional medical team shows the best treatment in The Hydration Room. They didnít care how much their foolish poking of needle hurt me as much as they did in trying to find a visible vein for the treatment.

My first-time experience in The Hydration Room and I didnít feel good from the treatment. Thereís no positive view of the treatment to me. It made me feel sore, tired and less energetic.

The medical team was confused about IV therapy and I wasnít sure of what to do in the procedure.

They werenít educated on the IV process and decided to send me off after completion of part of the treatment. I received B-12 and no B-6 and this felt weird to my head.

I didnít feel comfortable nor pleasant during part of the treatment and had no idea what to expect from The Hydration Room.

Nobody attended to me and showed care toward me in these procedures.

They didnít care about how I felt and if I had an idea of what goes on in The Hydration Room. I went to this place after my friend had the exact experience.

I trusted the medical team and received no good treatment from their care. This isnít fair to me and to other people in my situation. The Hydration room doesnít have a qualified medical team and I donít care for such companies and wonít go there for another IV treatment.

I noticed the medical team sat and talked with colleagues and showed no concern toward me as their patient.

It is a hassle to have an IV treatment at The Hydration Room with no professional medical team and no clean facilities for patients are a big negative point for me from there.

I didnít experience a positive outcome from having had the treatment and this isnít worth your money spent at an unprofessional care and treatment room.

It is not worthy of me to recommend The Hydration Room to people whoíve had a lot to drink and with a bad headache from the consumption of alcohol.

I didnít feel good before I went to The Hydration Room and after I left the place.

This showed me no good of anything from there and you wonít get what I didnít from The Hydration Room, the best patient care and best medical treatments as advertised for patients.


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