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Complaint: I not the first person to be complaining about this, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. I can’t believe how stupid I am, but I went into the mall on Christmas eve getting a few last minute gifts before christmas. I was looking to get my dad a gift and stressing out to find other gifts before the mall closed. When I passed by this kiosk stand and a guy stopped me wanting to look at the palm massager. I usually never stop at these because I know how annoying these sales people are! But I sat down anyways and he shows me the hand held massager and puts it on my back to try it. I then tell him that I’m not looking to buy it because it looked like a lot of money (before I researched on amazon) he the tells me its over 400 bucks. I laughed at him, sure as hell am not buying it for 400!! He then tells me he’s gonna give me his employer discount and told me 150, which I thought hard about because my dad has nerve damage in his foot because of a car accident and this thing should help him out. The guy told me it would help his foot. Well I bought it for my dad like an idiot!! When I gave it to him, it didn’t dawn on me that he couldn’t use it because of a heart attack he has. I so I try to return it, never been open! And they wouldn’t do it! The guy never said anything about refunds or anything, I seen it on the receipt when I got home! The exact same massager is for sale on amazon for like 40 bucks! I just want to put this company out of business! These people need to get a REAL JOB!!!! and stop scamming people who actually work and make an honest living. This goes for those sales people at the kiosk and those foreign b******s that own this POS company who don’t even speak english. Honestly I’m not even that worried about the money anymore, I’m just warning other people not to give in to this crap! Sorry if this offended some people cause I honestly don’t give a s***.

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Address: 6401 bluebonnet Blvd 5616-60 Baton Rouge , Louisiana USA



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