Palmetto Pugs & Bostons Saranac Lake New York Review


I never thought I would do this, however I, out of curiosity, just googled the name of Lori Brewer and the website which they sold their dogs from previously. I feel sick to my stomach that I was so naive! I purchased a boston terrier puppy from them over a year ago. nBeing new to the whole thing I tried my best to educate myself and ask the right questions. I was convinced by her stories and truly thought I was going to receive a healthy, happy puppy. She knew all the right words to say and although the dog had his health problems, we returned to them to buy our second boston puppy in April… AFTER almost purchasing a french bulldog puppy which I’m glad I didn’t because there is another review saying a puppy from that exact litter in April had Parvo! nShe arrived extremely small, constant shaking, puking, diarrhea- but of course the kind of adorable and loving that stole our hearts in minutes. We took her to the vet numerous times, convinced that we bought her from an honest, caring breeder. She was finally diagnosed with mange- the worst case our reputable vet has ever seen and he said that frankly, he was shocked she pulled through. nOver two thousand dollars later, we have the happiest most loving dogs. It breaks my heart to think they are still out there doing this to good hearted people. I wish I had found this site sooner- and had not wasted my time attempting to communicate with Jerry and Lori. nThey are the most ignorant, awful people I have ever dealt with and the fact that they call themselves a business makes me sick. I spent so much time after purchasing our first puppy speaking with her, recommending them to friends and family- I pray that no one I know took me up on it! nNo one should have to endure what we went through, the expense and the heartache are equivalent to having a sick child. Helpless dogs are living in filth, being sold to people who are excited to expand their family to include a dog- DON’T do it with them! nI wrote emails to Lori explaining everything- I was not combative, just wanting answers. Any kind of explanation, anything! I did not hear from her for weeks, so I wrote again, this time getting an overly aggressive and borderline scary response from Jerry. He told me none of the other dogs were sick and basically told me to shove it. nWell- HERE YA GO, JERRY! They are trash, gold diggers, selling sick animals for top dollar- you ripped off a couple of young professionals who will bounce back, we will continue to spend whatever it takes to have healthy, beautiful dogs. No thanks to you. And I am convinced that we will all band together to have you put out of business and hopefully prosecuted. nThese are horrible people who deserve these bad reviews and I hope these reviews are dealt with accordingly. nLauranSaranac Lake, New YorkU.S.A.

100 Small Ct. Marion, South Carolina U.S.A.

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