Pam E. Gray – Greensboro, NC North Carolina


Pam E. Gray is not the woman she pretends to be. She is the epitome of a “HomeWrecker”. She began seeing a man in 2000, while his wife was pregnant with their second child. The two of them worked together, he was her boss. She was married, and so was he. His wife was a close friend of mine. I personally seen first-hand what a heartless woman she was/is over the years. His wife would catch them coming out of Clemson Botanical Gardens, in hotels in Anderson, SC, and of course as most men do, he always promised to stop seeing her. After a few weeks a part, Pam E. Gray would start sending text messages, and calling him. If he didn’t answer, she would become more persistent. || He would ultimately cave in to her, and begin seeing her again. He a Deacon in the church, and her a devout Christian, in the eyes of others, but behind closed doors they continued to violate their vows to their spouses. Over a seventeen-year period the relationship continued. His wife grew tired of the infidelity, and filed for divorce in 2014, with a finalization date in 2015. He was then transferred to NC. Imagine my friends surprise when she found Pam E. Gray, living with him, even though she herself is still married. What makes people think this kind of behavior is acceptable? When a woman doesn’t have children, I suppose it’s hard for her to understand the pain of watching your parents’ divorce, and feeling as if you have been abandoned by your Father.

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