Pam Mengershausen – Lakeville, Minnesota Minnesota


This 34 year old women works at McDonalds as a dish washer, cashier, etc; off county road 50 in Lakeville Minnesota right by the Kiwi Trip, the Cub Food, Lakeville liquors and Dakota County library. This individual has two daughters. One in elementary (7) and one in High School (16). Despite being the mother of two beautiful young daughters, This lady has engaged in sexual activities with a few of the local Lakeville South highschool boys, along with a few young men from the surrounding highschools; Lakeville north and Burnsville highschool. This human has also sat in the lobby of her job, voicing sexual gestures and passes upon young men 13 and up. I’ve also heard her say to a young man “so you don’t want your dick sucked” after the young boy had voiced that he has a girlfriend, he’s underage, and almost everything else to get the sexual passes from this grown women to cease. The saddest part of all that is going on is, Pam Mengershausen (34) is a knowing carrier of HSV1 and HSV2 and it seems like she has just been plotting on ways she can spread herpies for some time know. I know this due to one of her close friends telling me that she knows she has been a carrier of the virus since 2012. To date, Pam has infected 9 people that I know of, one of this people, at the time (16) Chris Goins and the number continues to grow. She isn’t in cahoots with the father of her children due to an order of protection she placed on him after he took law into his own hand and beat her after surprisingly giving him herpies around 2012. She will play the victim in any circumstance that she gets and please don’t let this fool you. This creature is something that I wouldn’t even consider human. This is an animal, and as much as I hate to bad mouth the undeserving, I’ve come to find out she is more than worthy of the creepy, child molesting, disease spreading, double standard name she has adapted for her self. For the sake of our youth , please spread this post and see to it that this will never happen again and she is jailed. #justicefortheyouth

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