Pamela S. Golovkin Review


Pamela Golovkin strikes again! How tough are you behind that keyboard? So sounds like Ryan told you that James F. Hirt visited with his subpoena for his buddy Tom Donohue’s lawsuit. He enjoys leaving you with the thought that he is from the FBI and uses grandstanding techniques to propel his agenda. Did you forget Pamela that your son visited Lang to tell him that “special” agent Hirt visited him at work? Pamela Golovkin is a fraud and a fake, and now a confirmed identity thief writing “retard reports” on people using their names. No, Jacklyn did not write anything about you or your deadbeat family. I told you before, my name is Brian Paone and have nothing to hide. Let’s clarify. Pamela Golovkin Quote: “many times claiming to be owners, property managers etc. of record,”. Yes title is always legitimate and if your Fake FBI visitors want to try this theory then plenty of licensed brokers and witnesses are waiting on baited breath to strike back and counterclaim.Pamela Golovkin Quote: “They file false claims of non payment of rent, tend to call the victims deadbeats, vulgar names etc. However none of it is true.” Yes, we filed on behalf of the owner to evict Ryan Golovkin and Adrianne McLaughlin when Thomas Donohue interrupted proceedings with his Fake FBI friends; he is now in his own lawsuit for fraud and writing malicious libel online and slandering in person. You will be added to your own suit and looks like plenty of equity in your house to satisfy judgment. Grand Finale, Pamela Golovkin Quote: “The Depart of Justice has handed down hundreds of charges against these people and their operations. They pretend to have the right to rent or sell property that they have no legal right to represent. The DOJ claims they have hundreds of indictments in multiple states and counties involving these individuals and others.” Hundreds of charges? Why not say “a zillion”? Pretend to have the right? Our paperwork and witnesses stand on their own. “Hundreds of indictments, states, counties” Holy S***! Was not aware anyone had this huge of an operation, when will I see my cut? You’re a pathetic retard, and your existence is pathetic, defending a deadbeat son and your own failures as a parent. I attached the business card your son brought after his visit. you’re so anxious to defend your failures and shortcomings that you forgot it was your son and others that contact us. Your own suit is now in process. I’ll just add you and “hundreds” of people around you.

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