Paragon Security Review


Treatment of people is not proper, it is a scam! 1. Advertising to license security with in two weeks, and making plenty of cash to do so. 2. Advertising is a total lie that they will pay their guards when licensed $14-$19 in employment news ads, based on experience. 3. The truth to this is they will use you for the 90 days, and before you hit probation, they will pull you from the sitr, in order to give it to someone else for min. Wage $11 per hour. Folks the whole place seems to be corrupted inside out! If you have them in your condo, corporate business, and so forth take a closer look. Paragon security you suck! And you will be x-posed! It is only a matter of time before it goes viral and the whole world can see how really corrupted paragon security is! Lies, lies, lies lies!

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