Paragon Stairs Review


I ordered an exterior galvanized 2 story spiral stair set from Paragon Stairs in PA, also known as Salter Spiral Stairs and SS Industries, with nothing but trouble and mistakes from Paragon. | The major problem is the Center pole which when together is about 18 feet high, the column came in 2 pieces and they do not fit correctly together. One piece had a flange on it that is supposed to slide in the other. | We had to grind out the inside of the bottom pole because all the galvanizing dripped in at the galvanizing factory, but no one checked if the pipes would fit together and it was just shipped out to us. We had to do a lot of grinding to get the excess galvanizing out of the inside of the 3 1/2″ pipe and kept trying to fit the top column into the bottom one, over and over. | We finally got it started and tried banging the column down where they went partially in to each other, and now they are stuck. Paragons engineers solution is they want me to try to cut the top pipe and try to bang it up and they will send us another 2 columns. | The top column only went in about 2 1/2″ of the full 9″. These columns should fit perfectly and should slide right in just by the weight alone, this is a disaster. Also when you sign paper work for your order you are signing a non-conformance statement where Paragon is not responsible for any restitution for your addition expenses due to their fault, so be careful. | Besides the major problem with the 2 center columns here are more mistakes from Paragon: | 1).All the holes in the spindals were drilled too small for the screws they sent that holds the aluminum handrail in so I had to buy different SS screws. | 2).One of the platform railings was fabricated too long and a new one had to be made. | 3).There is rust already forming at the welds on some of the steps. | 4).There was excess galvanizing on the poles which I had to grind down to slide the steps on, compromising and defeating the whole purpose of hot dipped galvanizing. | We have spent hours trying to get this inferior product together. Now we have the center pole stuck which we cannot bang down anymore and cannot separate them, the engineer at Paragon suggested we drill a hole in the top column, slide a steel pipe through and try banging it up. | Paragon said the best course of action now is for them to send me 2 new columns which means we have to take apart the entire lower section which is already installed with the railing. | Extremely, extremely poor quality workmanship. | BBB Complaint number; 13673208 | BBB of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania | Update; | I have given Paragon Stairs the cost that I will incur to completely take apart the stairs as they suggested due to their mistakes and put the new poles in. Paragon has offered me a lesser amount which we did not accept and our warranty would also been eliminated for any future claims.


  • Name: Paragon Stairs
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Collegeville
  • Address: 105 G.P Clement Dr #2
  • Phone: 844-269-1855
  • Website:

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