Sent out x2 parcels on a 1 day delivery with UPS, both parcel took over a week to arrive, spoke with a P2G staff member online, within 2 minutes it was clear that they did not care. Raised various complaints via Resolver – again it was clear that staff did not care and kept repeating the same line to me over and over “parcel delivery is not guaranteed” this would be acceptable if the delay was only one or two days but a week is not a reasonable delay on a advertised 1 day service. Most companies would try and resolve the matter with its customers partial refund, full refund etc etc but not Parcel2Go, this company does not care about its customers, so I will not be using their service again. I have suggested to parcel2go that customer service training may be beneficial to all staff or perhaps they could rebrand as parcel2Slow ? as the amount of time it takes for a 1 day delivery is ridiculous.

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