Part Select Raleigh North Carolina Review


I had ordered some parts from part select for my refrigerator because the water dispenser wasn’t working correctly. I ordered valves, main board and a filter head as the possible causes for this. I replaced the valves and I was about to replace the main board when I noticed that the main board I received was clearly different from the one I have on my refrigerator. I put the pain board back into its box to be returned since I never installed it. I got in touch with the company stating I needed to return that part and they gave me instructions to do so. So I shipped it back. Now they have emaied me stating that I will not get a refund because the part was used when I let them know it was never used when I got in touch with them and I even went as far as placing a note in the box with the part letting them know that there part was different from mine and I didn’t use it. They won’t even give me the part back. So, now i’m out the $150.00 but the part also. Don’t do business with this company if there is a possible chance of returning something or you’ll be in the same boat I am. I’d be will to bet this happens alot and they’re using the returned parts that they themselves haven’t paid for to give to other paying customers which would be ripping them off too.

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