Party Supply Store – Fakenfun – Keith Wedshow Chesapeake Virginia Review


I ordered two fake nose rings from this company. One was silver and one was gold. First of all, I received two silver. If I wanted two silver, then that’s what I would have brought. They gave me a substitute without even asking me first even though they had all of my contact information. nSecond, the nose rings are hard to get on and they hurt and don’t stay on. They are not like the ad made them out to be. nI emailed the owner numerous times and got no response from him until after I reported him to Pay Pal. Only then did he cheerfully email me to tell me that as long as I received something, it didn’t matter the quality. His obligation to me was through and of course Pay Pal backed him up on it because companies always stick together. nJust because Pay Pal said that he could screw people over like that doesn’t make it okay. Commonsense would tell you that in business reputation is everything and you make good on your promises because it will come back to bite you in the end if you don’t. nThat’s why I am writing this report to warn people about buying from this place. Save your money. Now I am stuck with products I can’t use and I can’t get a refund/exchange or anything. Beware consumers! nFullernChesapeake, VirginiaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.

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