Passions Huntingotn Beach California Review


This company appears to be a Topless massage place.what they do is ask for $100 upfrontthen up sell $100 for a better room (private room with curtain)$100 more for an even better room (has a real door)$100 for a special bonus (nothing)$100 for a Full Reflexology ending, it completes the scam.this is Hands Feet and ear massage only, and not very good.They are very clear that its hands feet and ears only, but are very suggestive that there is more. They put some mystery into it and make you think that you get more when you pay more, but you don’t. The girls do not get naked. They stay fully clothed the whole time, they do not dance, and they are not very happy. They are very vague in their answers leaving the mystery.they also have someone in on the scam posting fake reviews on google and other review sites, saying that they got great service. and if you didn’t like it you didn’t spend enough.

4300 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America

(702) 892-9166

Massage Therapists

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