Pathlight Property Management Review


There is a fine line between unethical and illegal. | Pathlight Property Management (AKA OPVHHJV LLC) IS Home Partners of America… | Home Partners IS Hyperion Homes… | Hyperion Homes was founded in 2012 by Lewis Ranieri who was identified in a Time Magazine “tell all” about the causes of the 2008 housing crash as “the college dropout and Salomon trader [who] coined the term securitization to name a tidy bit of financial alchemy in which home loans were packaged together by Wall Street firms and sold to institutional investors.” Ranieri’s financial distortion and manipulation through mortgage backed securities contributed significantly to the housing crisis of 2008 that devastated the US economy. | Have you ever seen the movie “The Big Short”? Lewis Ranieri’s legacy is featured in the opening scene. | Search “Lewis Ranieri The Big Short video clip” on YouTube. | Ranieri was interviewed in a 2017 Business insider article billed as “The Wall Street legend who helped blow up the world explains why his ‘Frankenstein’ creation went so wrong” in which was stated: | Even though he and other creators tried to stop the meltdown from occurring, Ranieri doesn’t deflect blame for the tragedy that befell millions of homeowners and countless others that suffered through the financial crisis. | “It’s absolutely true that many of us tried to stop it. But the fact is, it didn’t stop,” Ranieri said. “We, the creators, should never forget.” | Apparently, Ranieri and other owner/operators of Pathlight Property Management (wholly owned by Home Partners of America) have already forgotten. | These same players are involved in a “next round” housing bubble in Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia Texas and other states across the nation. They are filling their pockets with obscene amounts of money–over $700,000,000 according to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) records–while scamming renters and potential home buyers with the full intention of forcing them out of their homes.


  • Name: Pathlight Property Management
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Plano
  • Address: 5308 W Plano Pkwy #100
  • Phone: (800) 527-5030
  • Website:

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