Patricia Estrada – San Antonio, Texas Texas


This manly-looking, foul-mouthed woman went after my husband last September and by thr time i found out, my husband(who is just as at fault), had already been sleeping with both of us at the same time, then just up and left one day with his clothes, then had me served with divorce papers immediately upon her threat to get him fired with his company. He was always a very good husband and father, until Patricia Estrada isolated and manipulated him into giving us no financial support or even allowing him to contact his kids. He has since began giving us $200 wkly thst she allows, but has blown up my phone threatening me with what i am constantly about to lose, also she gas insulted my very well off children, all four of them, the oldest of which is in college. Ladies please watch your husbands and watch out for this woman in the bars on the northwest side of San Antonio. She is specifically out to land oilfield supervisors. She is employed by Kalmar RT and is related to one of her bosses, but hopefully both of these idiots lose tbeir jobs. My husband has already been officially reported to the appropriate departments at EOG Resources, so he will not be able to give this homewrecker what she is after, according to her ex-husband, she is a habitual cheater.

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