Patricia Hammond Rochester, New York New York


My story is a long, convoluted one and this homewrecker is only one of many, but I really wanted to expose her as I believe she makes a habit of this and is a seriously nasty skank. I first discovered that my husband was cheating on me back in the fall of 2010, after 10 years of marriage. I had suspicions before that, but had no proof. I uncovered 2 emotional affairs in October of 2010, discovered tons of emails, very slutty photographs, found proof of constant texting and phone calls on my phone bill between him and the 2 sluts throughout the summer and fall. My husband swore to me that he was sorry beyond words that he had never done anything else, and certainly nothing physical with anyone ever…I later found out this was a complete lie. || Anyway, he claimed he was scared straight, was deathly afraid of losing our 3 daughters and me, and he would never, ever do anything to put our family or marriage in jeopardy again. Over the next several months I tried to move past what he had done, we tried therapy together, he tried therapy alone, but I was completely devastated and angry, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there were other things he hadn’t told me. Fast forward to the summer of 2011, he began to act sketchy again. By this time I was pretty good at recognizing the signs and seeing the red flags. He began to treat me with complete contempt, picked fights over everything and nothing, and didn’t want much to do with me or our daughters. I need to mention here that he worked at the time as a paramedic at Rural Metro in Rochester, NY, extremely long hours, and often at night. One night I was at my parent’s house with my 3 daughters spending the night while he was working an overtime evening shift until around 12 or 1 am and I texted him several times throughout the night, but after around 7:30, he completely ignored me. This definitely alarmed me as usually he would text something back even if he was busy with a patient. The next time he bothered to text me at all was around 1 am to let me know that he was done with work and was on his way to my parent’s house, so that I could get up and unlock the door for him. He acted very strangely when he got there, acted pissed off and very distant. The next day we basically fought all day, and then he worked OT again all weekend, once again having very little contact with me and not calling me back when I specifically asked him to. || About a month later at the end of August, I began to feel like I was getting a bladder infection, but thought maybe it was nothing and brushed it off for a week or so. Finally it started to get so bad that I had to beg him to take me to the doctor…yes I had to BEG. He did NOT want to take me and acted all pissed off about it at first, which I thought was kind of weird and extremely mean considering I was suffering and in pain. I wanted to get in to my obgyn office, but for whatever reason they weren’t answering the phones that morning, so ended up going to my regular doctor. They took urine samples and sent me back home with some antibiotics and I thought everything was good. A few days later, I had a voicemail from the nurse there telling me that my cultures came back negative for a bladder infection and that I needed to go and see my obgyn. Of course I started to freak out a bit at that point and I called him and told him. He was completely unsympathetic and started acting really weird. He kept texting me all day that he wanted to die, that he wanted life over. I thought it was really strange considering I was the one who was sick and didnít know why. That night when his shift was over he told me that he thought that he had developed a hernia from lifting too heavy a patient and was going to urgent care. I thought it was extremely strange and didn’t really believe him. When he came home much later that night, I asked him for probably the 1000th time if he had had sex with anyone besides me, telling him that obviously I really needed to know at this point since I was sick and still didn’t know why. He answered quietly that yes he had. Being the idiot scum bag he is, he tried to tell me that it was someone from the previous summer…yeah sure buddy and I would be getting sick a whole year later don’t think so! || Anyway, eventually he admitted that it was this skank EMT from Rural Metro, Patricia Hammond and that it had happened back in July. He told me that he worked a shift with her sometime back in the beginning of July and she was all over him, flirting, talking about sex constantly. In fact he said the first day they ever worked together; he got into the ambulance and found her reading a book about how to be a better lover. I don’t know about other people, but that’s not exactly the type of book I’d be reading at work in front of everyone (smh). He said she just talked and talked about sexual fantasies all day, even telling him about her RAPE fantasy, telling him so in case you ever want to do that to me ugh!!! After working that first shift together, they began texting pretty much all the time and went on to set up 1 or 2 more shifts together. He told me the night that I was at my parent’s house and he was working the evening overtime shift was the first time they had sexual contact. Supposedly he started stroking and touching her and then said ugh I can’t do this I have a beautiful wife that I love. Well sometime later, she drives the ambulance behind a strip mall with a whole bunch of stores, where they were supposed to be posted waiting for calls. She proceeds to do a blow job on him right there in public IN the freaking ambulance where anyone could have seen at any time and WHILE they were supposed to be working. Nice right? Ugh! He then proceeds to whip out her, as he describes disgusting, tribal boobs and pleasures her a little. Obviously now I know why he came home that night and acted so strangely. He told me the next time she approached him at work and asked him if he wanted to go spend some time. She drove him to a fairly empty parking lot somewhere near the base and proceeded to once again give him a blow job. He told me that she then dropped her pants right there in the parking lot and climbed on top of him, well you know the rest. Let me tell you those Rural Metro whores keep it classy!! || The bitch might as well be a prostitute except they get paid. Anyway, my husband claimed she kept after him telling him that he was a great guy and that he deserved to be happy and I was never going to be able to satisfy him, or keep him happy and that he should leave me and be with her. Now mind you she doesn’t know me and I don’t know her…have never even met her once. She tried to get him to work more shifts with her, but he turned her down and eventually told her that he didn’t want to have sex with her anymore, but he wanted to have someone to talk to. She constantly tried to make him jealous by bragging to him that she got so drunk going out to a club, that she almost went home with a guy that she didn’t even know and it was only her friends that stopped her. She told him that she was into girls and that sometime they would go out to a club, he would pick out a girl he thought was hot, and they would all go and have sex together somewhere. Now mind you, this girl has 2 daughters of her own!! She’s obviously a great role model for them ugh! At one point she even texted him repeatedly, claiming that she had tried to commit suicide because of issues with her baby daddy and child. || For whatever reason, even after all of this, he continued to constantly text her, often 12 hours a day for a couple of months. Once I knew about her, I made him call her on the phone and had him ask her about STD’s and if she had been tested. It was hilarious…I could hear that she was all psyched to hear from him, but once he told her the reason why he was calling, she couldn’t get off the phone fast enough! Not to make my already long story even longer, but I eventually found out that he cheated on me with 2 other Rural Metro whores in previous years…never using protection ANY of those times. One of them was old enough to be his mother and was one of the standing jokes at Rural Metro, which is saying a lot. The other one he brought back to my apartment when I was at my parent’s house and screwed her after she cried on his shoulder all night about her husband cheating on her. Nice of her to use my husband for a revenge f**k right? || After I found out all of this, I got tested right away for everything, and was negative for all STD’s, just had BV, but I know I got it from him sleeping with that skank Patricia Hammond. Anyway, I feel that I’ve done my duty now as far as she and all the Rural Metro skanks are concerned…I warn you all to STAY AWAY. That place is crawling with skanky whores, who have absolutely no problem being passed around. I still blame my husband 99% and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for putting my health at risk for so many years, but these girls also need to learn to stay away from married men. My life and my children’s lives have been destroyed by their selfish and depraved actions. || || >

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