Paul Coyne


California, Liar Cheater Man

Paul Coyne in a VP at Rabobank in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (Grover Beach). He has been cheating with my wife for almost 3 years now. I confronted her and she admitted the affair and said he knows all about me. He transmitted an STD to my wife last year that I ended up getting and had to go to the Dr. for medication. He apparently would send my wife an e-ticket for the train. So she would say she was visiting her family on OC, but actually go up there to catch the train to Santa Barbara instead. They also took trips to various locations like Las Vegas and even Cabo! I have all the pictures, emails, text messages, phone messages, every bit of proof. Anyone doing business with Rabobank in Grover Beach should tell Paul shame on you for being a cheater! He even ran from congress in 2014. Typical cheating, lying, dirty, no good, sleezebag politician. He should be ashamed of himself. And he calls himself a christian and is a graduate of West Point. Donít they teach ethics and integrity in the military for officers? Apparently he missed those classes.

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