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I returned a wig for a refund ($53.11 U.S.)on June 6/14, it had been shipped to me on May 12/14. It cost $15 to ship it to Georgetown, Ont. Canada which are the instructions that come with the package. I received confirmation from Canada Post that the package had been delivered on June 11/14 at 7:58 a.m. When I received my June/July statement from Visa, the refund from Paula Young was only $31.92 & the date of the transaction was July 23. I called customer service & they said because I had returned the item after 30 days there was a restocking fee of $19. I said it had been returned within the 30 day period to Georgetown. However, it seems that when a package arrives in the volume receiver in Georgetown, it is not checked into the system to indicate it has been received so the final destination in the US does not know it has arrived there. It could sit in the volume receiver for weeks before it is forwarded on, as was my case. And because as is Canada Post’s procedure, once 45 days have passed since the item was delivered the tracking information is archived & this information is no longer visible on Canada Post’s website so the tracking number I had was useless. In order to prove my case I contacted Canada Post & received documentation from them which showed the tracking of the package from me to Georgetown. Customer Service asked that I fax this information to them which I did. No response so I called again…put on hold for over an hour. Had to call back again, this time I was told they would refund me the restocking fee but not the tax I paid because they couldn’t do so. What! I’ve been buying things for many years & whenever I’ve returned an item I got the tax back. But according to Paula Young customer service they can’t do it. This company(?) is absolutely horrid to deal with & I strongly suggest you avoid doing so. .

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