Paulette Jastrebsky Edwards – Portsmouth, Virginia Virginia


Paulette Edwards doesn’t seem to care if she gets involved with married men. She had an affair with my husband and even when she”admitted it was wrong” continued to do so. She continued to talk with him and begged him to keep seeing her. She was even texting/talking with him while seeing another guy she said she was dating for six months when I confronted her yet again, which she admitted to as well. || She works for the city of Portsmouth and had an affair with her boss who was/is also married. She would get upset when my husband wouldn’t do what she wanted or stay the night. Her daughter even said that she was getting what was expected of being with a married man. Nice parental example, right? Not very high moral standards. She even told her friends about him knowing he was married. Now, he has admitted to lying and saying we were divorcing how evil I was etc, like many men do. (I was setting healthy boundaries as therapist instructed and getting our three sons out of a volatile environment) She would get mad when he wouldn’t go spend the weekend with her because he wouldn’t leave our (older teenage) sons alone. Again, where are moral standards, here? Now, I am not naive as I know my husband is just as guilty. However, she is predator and knew my husband was at a low point in his life regarding his business, marriage and drinking and would manipulate him at his lowest. She would get angry when I would post about us/our family on social media (before I knew about the affair). When my husband told her I found out, she went dark on social media ASAP. She started blocking me and hiding posts. Too bad for her, I’m intelligent and paid great money on the Private investigator and gathered all the evidence before finally informing him I knew. My atty. said she wished all clients were as thorough with evidence as I was. Paulette didn’t care that he was in individual and marital counseling and trying to straighten out his life. She only wanted what Paulette wanted. I have seen the texts, calls, and the Private investigator info substantiates this. She likes to claim she has a legal team to her aid (one is dead, the other is a paralegal friend) if I pursue legal action, but I have court admissible proof so no defamation/slander, or libel case will stand. Her own admission to my husband and even to me about her affair are all in her own phone numbers/messages, writing and negates any liability on my part. Beware! She is a regular at the Norfolk Waterside on the weekends. If she thinks she can benefit from your husband/boyfriend she won’t hesitate to pursue. She knows no boundaries and is morally bankrupt.

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