Pawtucket On The Green Review


Doug Burnett claims to own the majority of condos / apartments on Splyglass Place. In fact, I don’t think he owns as much as claims. When I moved into my condo, Doug made several promises to fix many many many issues that was wrong there. A year that I was there was pure hell. He never gave me a rent reciept yet demanded his money, several evictions, but then said I could stay time and time again. Then he bribed me to go ahead and move after my last eviction, by giving me a car but refused to give me a title. | I have since obtained the title, with no help from him at all. Which he could be charged for that. I lived in a condo that he allowed a woman named Karen to constantly harras and threaten us, then he would jump onto us like we were kids all because she said it happened! The carpets were filthy when we moved in, there was mold growing under every sink. You could see from under the kitchen sink into the attatched bedroom’s bathroom! The pipes leaked non stop into the apartment below. All of these issues he was always made aware of and always promised to fix, NEVER did that happen. | Water would run back up into the kitchen sink. I have over 100 pictures to back this up, along with endless text messages! I can even show messaged where he has solicted me for sex for money. If your a single female he will let you do anything you want because he knows he can get sex instead of money for rent. The police are always there for something. He will belittle and berate you and talk to you like a dog.


  • Name: Pawtucket On The Green
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Charlotte
  • Address: 9123 Spyglass Pl,
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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