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p is a big scam! I sent $100 through to exchange to paypal. As soon as money was sent a message came up telling me i would receive my exchange within 10 minutes. Well it’s now been 9 days, no exchange and they will not answer any of my emails. This company is a complete sham of thieves, nothing more. I am far from done. I have submitted a complaint to ther FTC and to the cyber crime unit. I am going to continue to fight till this fraudulent site gets shut down. If anyone else has been scammed by this company i suggest you file as many reports as you can so this doesn’t happen to anymore innocent people. We are hard workers in a bad economy that cannot jst allow some foreign lowlife scam artist to take our money. This is not a charity. i did not give my money to a homeless person, It was stolen from a scammer that is out in the open scamming people. we really need to get rid of these scammers one by one. Beware of!!!

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