Paytoo Corporation Complaint


Dear Complaints Board, I have been working for a company and they pay my money in to a wallet at and I drawer it out on a prepaid credit card. At Christmas 2011 they stopped the facility to transfer the money from my on-line wallet to my prepaid card. I have several thousand us dollars in the account and can not get to it because of this. I have written to them via on-line support, I have tried phoning and no answer. The company I work for posted a few comment about saying it was having a few problems and it would be sorted soon. Each time the time stated pasted. Eventually I got a reply from their on-line support and again promised that it would be sorted in a week then very soon and still the problem is there and they are asking me to be patient. I gave them a dead line of the 11th May 2012 to sort the problem and forward my money and close the account. This time has now passed and still I am no further on with them still saying please bare with us. I also ordered a sim card from them as I thought they had changed the way they do things. They charged my wallet 42.90 usd and that has not arrived either. I am in the U.K and do not know where to look for help in this matter or what to do, so after some searching I have found you and hope that you can help. With them holding this money back it has made my life very difficult as I have had to work even harder to keep my self a float financially. It is not just me that has this problem, other have posted their problems on forums about this company. Please could you help me in advising me where to go for help in recovering my money. Kind Regards Jayne Johnson

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