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Complaint: The persons who called me had a very heavy accent like as if they were from India. They were extremely hard to understand. The company identified themselves as PC Experts 247 who claimed they could shut down my computer because I was using one of their programs & that they owned Windows 7 & 10. They also said I had a Trojan called Zues. They then got me to pay them to fix the problem and took several hundred of dollars that I stupidly paid them. Soon my checking account and debit card were hacked. This forced me to get a new debit card and checking account. Thankfully my bank refunded me in this particular incedent. The name of the company on the withdrawal was 22nd Century Ideal Technology Consulting Inc who just happens to be a company that only deals with the Local, State, Federal governments of the US and with all the US military branches. So PC Experts 247 aka 22nd Century Ideal Technology Consulting Inc was fraudulantly using this company’s name. I know because I looked up the name of that company. The people from PC Experts 247 was connected with a company called Charge One had people there by the names of: William Smith Alex Luis Ben Barco The phone numbers I got from them are: 020-727-4001 (which comes up on the caller ID as 1009) 1-800-609-7139 – Ben Barco 1-888-927-3299 – Ben Barco 1-800-701-2953 extension 402 – Alex Luis 1-800-701-2953 extension 403 – William Smith On the back of each electronic check has this information: The 1st one listed as Charge One listed the bank of East West Bank in Pasadena, CA 9/30/2015 with this following number of 44825222754120. On the side of this was shown JESCR LLC 8027004319 with an address of 5600 W. Spring Mountain Rd # 20. There looks like there’s something above the JESCR which starts with an F but I can’t make it out as it’s inked over some. The one 2nd from Charge One listed this on the back of the electronic check: 082715 – 52180000203093 > 122203950 < Cathay On the side of it, it shows: For Deposit JESCR LLC 2102994 On the back side of the 22nd Century Ideal Tech Consulting Inc electronic check is: 543658077332 185911 20151005 00000000 then my checking acount number. Under that is TRN_DEBIT NABEEJBX 37999 and then… Astoria 0436 94004 5436 6 0205 On the side is some writing (I think it’s a name) then stamped under that is Deposit 22nd Century Ideal Technology Acct # 4288068434 I hope some how I’ll get back the money they took from me and that they are shut down and put in prison.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Nationwide USA

Website: www.pcexperts247.com/

Phone: 1-644-215-1331

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