Peachtree Spokane Washington Review


Many years ago we purchased a Peachtree patio door and were extremely happy with the quality. When we finally had the opportunity to build a vacation home in the mountains, we paid a premium to have Peachtree windows and doors. What a big mistake!The awning type windows seem to be OK, but the casement windows are a disaster! In one room, 3 out of 6 windows are inoperable because the crank handle has fallen out! When the first one failed, we were finally sent a replacement part, but the big question is how to replace a built-in mechanism like that. And how many more will we have to somehow rebuild? We also have several much larger casement windows in another part of the house using the same mechanism which is way too flimsy so that the arm at the top has pulled out on one even though these windows have hardly been used. We shudder to think the only real solution is to replace the windows!We don’t know what has happened to Peachtree over the years, but it is not good. The company has changed hand which makes it even harder to get any service. There are other products out there that are much superior! Don’t buy Peachtree!

880 Southview Dr. Mosinee, Wisconsin United States of America

800 732 2499

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