Peak Performance Health Salem UT Review

P, an on-line company specializing in nutritional products and supplements, apparently has an interesting habit of billing for merchandise and then never sending it. I ordered some genisoy bars from them in mid-January and the credit card bill arrived promptly. What never arrived, however, were the bars. nIt is now nearly 5 weeks, 7 emails, and 4 phone calls later. I still have no bars and no refund — and no explanation for the delay, either! Instead, I get mostly bland apologies and lots of run-around. Amazingly, the person who handles any credits never seems to be in the office when I call! Hmmmmm. I would avoid these people, folks. I am now having to dispute the billing through the credit card company. Save yourself the headache and shop elsewhere. n1) they are out of NJ; and n2) they are also a health insurance co. (as well as health and nnutritional supplements). nThe actual name of the company is Peak Performance Health Inc.

Nationwide, NJ, U.S.A.


Alternative Health

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