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This company”s services are monopolistic and an absolute rip-off for students. I recently signed up to take the Medical College Admissions Test exam with them at a price tag of $315 that I had to put up with because of the lack of recognized alternatives by medical schools. Little did I know their cancellation policy – for an entirely digital exam – required that I cancel 15 full days in advance to get any sort of refund. So, on day 14 before my exam, I am stuck with having to pay another $315 for having to cancel it and book a new one. I do not understand why the cost burden of applying for education should be placed on the shoulders of students, and I do not understand why it has to be of such magnitude – both are significant barriers to enter higher education and, consequently, to economic mobility. Here”s to my having to sacrifice healthy food for the next couple of months because of rescheduling an exam 2 weeks in advance.

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