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Complaint: Pearsons Ministries which is founded by Jeremy Pearsons has definite ties to racial discrimination which happens to be family-based racial discrimination. It is very interesting to note that his family which is the family of the well known faith ministers who are known as Kenneth and Gloria Copeland do not support interracial marriage among themselves as a family especially when it comes to Black men or Black people being in a serious relationship with the white members of the family.Jeremy Pearsons is actually the grandson of Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland and has had a known failure that some did not wish to highlight but indeed needs to be highlighted. This known failure with Jeremy Pearsons is Hypocrisy in Marital Relations. Here is what says and I quote:”Why did Jeremy Pearsons get a divorce? Answer: Jeremy Pearsons

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Address: a speaker and outreach minister of Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Website: in May of 2006.Following the divorce

Phone: divorced his first wife

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